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Peacock feather

Size: 16 x 24 inches Alcohol ink sealed with resin on a wood panel

Fire and Ice

Size : 80 x 100cm Oil on canvas


Medium : Alcohol ink on yupo The mystic ways of alcohol inks transformed this painting into a floral image. Love the way the 2 colours have blended.

Silver streak

Medium : Alcohol ink on yupo Using only black and silver to create a floral image


Medium : Alcohol ink This painting was created using earthly hues on yupo paper

In one direction

Medium :Resin on wood SOLD Inspired by the hues of blue in Ocean deep


Medium: Fluid acrylic on canvas SOLD Size: 23.5" x 35.5" This was my first painting in fluid acrylics and very happy with the outcome

Waves - Oceanflo collection

Medium : Resin on wood Framed Layered artwork on resin.

Welcome to the world of Resin!

My very first painting on resin...NOT FOR SALE

Fly away

Medium : Oil on canvas SOLD Size: 27.5" x 38"

Above the storm

Medium : Oil on canvas SOLD No matter what life throws at you,.. You will always rise above the storm.

Hidden treasure

Medium : Acrylic on canvas SOLD "I will give you hidden treasures and riches stored in secret places" - Isaiah 45:3

Winds of Change

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas SOLD Size: 31.5" x 47"

Turn around

Medium: Oil on canvas Framed (Gold) Size: 37.5" x 44.5" Believe that everything turns out for your good.

Abstract 01

Commission artwork in Melbourne Australia Medium : Oil on canvas


Medium : Alcohol ink SOLD Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls. ~ Joseph Campbell

Let it flow

Medium: Oil on canvas SOLD

The Hawk

Medium: Oil on canvas Not Framed Size: 36" x 30" Blending the shades of pink and grey to bring out a subtle effect with a bold palette knife stroke to bring out the hawk.

Floral Abstract

Medium : Alcohol ink Framed with a white panel on glass Size : 12" x 14.5" Using the shades of green and blue with a touch of metallic gold

Blooming flower

Medium : Alcohol inks Size: 11.5" x 14.5" Framed with a white panel and on glass

Priceless possession

Medium: Fluid acrylic on canvas Size : 29.5" x 19.5" While painting this piece of artwork the one word that came running in my head was "Princess" reminded me a mother with a beautiful baby girl and calling her my Princess..which is why I have named this artwork, Priceless Possession.!

Streets of Colour

Medium : Fluid acrylic on canvas SOLD This painting was done after my visit to Israel where I was so inspired by the Jewish quarter and the vibrant colours along the way..


3 Paneled painting on fluid acrylics SOLD


2 Panel painting on canvas Medium : Oils Size : 39" x 32" The flowing of colours between the two panels just reflects that we are always connected in some way..

Through my Veins

Medium : Fluid acrylics on canvas SOLD Inspired by the worship song "No longer slaves" - There's a verse in it which says...your blood runs through my veins and I am a Child of God


Fluid acrylic on canvas - SOLD

Precious Jewel

Medium :Fluid acrylic on canvas Size : 29.5" x 19.5" Fluid painting is so mysterious, you don't know the outcome until it dries...once finished, there was a formation of a pearl in the bottom right hand which is why this painting is called Precious Jewel..

Keeps getting better

Medium: Resin Framed This resin painting and the stool (teak wood) is done using multiple layers to bring out different textures

Cloud by day-Fire by night

Medium : Oil on canvas SOLD Inspired by the biblical scripture in Exodus which speaks of God's constant protection being a cloud by day and fire by night


Medium : Oil on canvas SOLD

Eye of a needle

Medium :Oil on canvas Size : 36" x 48"

Purple and Gold abstract

Commissioned 2 panel artwork SOLD

Mistic Mauve

Medium : Oil on canvas SOLD