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Artwork by Sumali Piyatissa

Sumali is a self-taught artist from Colombo, Sri Lanka. She enjoys experimenting with vibrant colour palettes and different media. Her work ranges from classic oil paints to alcoholic inks and epoxy resin. The dominant style of her paintings is abstract and differs from traditional techniques to a blend of modern mixed media techniques.


Sumali’s inspiration is drawn from her travel, surroundings, the people she interacts with and things that capture her eye. Her paintings represent freedom, joy and positivity. 


Her work has been exhibited at Art fairs & exhibitions in London, Europe and Asia. She is currently selling her artwork on international platforms and is working with renowned interior designers on diverse projects. 


- Her Voice, Her Vision - Art Exhibition, Galle Lit Fest,Sri Lanka

(Jan ‘24)

- Art Climate change online exhition by Novum Basel, Switzerland (Jun’23)

- Vogue 6th Edition by Boomer Gallery, London (Jun ‘23)

- Contemporary Art exhibition by Brick Lane Gallery, London (Apr’ 23)

- Women of the World, NFT by Nowhere Gallery NY (2022)

- Art climate change online exhibition by Novum Basel, Switzerland (Mar ‘22)

- Swiss art expo Art box project, Zurich (Aug ‘21)

- Van Gogh Gallery, Madrid Span (2020)

- Art Innsbruck fair (Jan 2020) 

- Roys Art fair , London (Oct 2019)

- Kolorflo - Solo exhibition, Sri Lanka  (2017)

- Genese - Solo Exhibition, Sri Lanka (2015)

“As I engage in my surroundings and ambience, I allow myself to be present in all of my artwork. Each piece reflects my emotions, my mood and has a very special part of me” - Buki 

Gallery Representation:

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